New! Atlantic Seasonal Database 3

I have been pouring through the latest Hurdat2 database, made available from the National Hurricane Center. I have been using climate data to do seasonal forecast work etc. As a part of that work, I have built a seasonal summary table showing the historical number of named storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes.

Data is a big part of the weather world, and obviously a very big part of Hurricane Analytics. For long time, I have envisioned making much of this data available to users for their own research or reference, I just couldn’t find an acceptable way to interface with it…until now.

Check out the data table below! It goes back to 1851, showing this key seasonal summary data. Note that I counted storms in the totals whether or not they were named. I am very interested to know how this works for users, so please send feedback my way!

[table id=3 /]

About Michael Watkins

Mike Watkins is the founder of Hurricane Analytics, a private organization specializing in data visualization and predictive analytics, with a special focus on tropical meteorology. They analyze complex meteorological data and communicate that information in easy-to-understand terms, to help clients prepare and anticipate the disruptive impact of Atlantic hurricanes.

3 thoughts on “New! Atlantic Seasonal Database

  • lurker

    Really enjoyed the hurricast. So happy for you to finally be able to persue your love full time. I know you will be a success. Have really missed the Talkin Tropics and so good to find your new hurricast. Enjoyed your first one! You need to let s2k know about your new venture.

  • Michael Watkins Post author

    It is great to hear from you! So glad to hear you are listening in, thank you so much for reaching out to connect.

    As things ramp up as a prelude to hurricane season I do plan to get more involved over at the S2K again…it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with myself after the fog of the last several months has lifted, but now that I am back I feel more focused and energized than ever.

    It’s good to be “back”!