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Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak – Friday 5/31/2013

Updated 11:35PM CDT Tuesday June 4, 2013 This is a fascinating look at the position of several reporting storm chasers, relative to the massive El Reno tornado. Even with a tornado this big and this destructive, the chasers tracked here had enough information, either from observation or communication, to get out of the way. Absolutely […]

Norman, OK Sounding from 5/31/2013 at 11:00AM CDT

90L Tropical Models

Remnants of Barbara – Invest 90L

Updated Friday, May 31st 11:00AM EDT The National Hurricane Center is now monitoring the remnants of Barbara for signs of redevelopment in extreme southwestern Gulf of Mexico. While there are no immediate signs of redevelopment at the moment, some of the computer model guidance have been suggesting this system could become a relatively weak tropical […]

US EF-5 Tornadoes

History of EF-5 Tornadoes in the United States

The significant tornado in New Castle/Moore, Oklahoma this week has spurred a lot of discussion about violent tornadoes and their impact to the central United States. Some people, including Bill Nye, have noted stronger tornadoes are just a fact of life which will need to be dealt with as our environment “changes”. History does not […]

Comparing Sandy to other West Atlantic October Hurricanes

Michael Staton follows Hurricane Analytics on Facebook, and he made a great recommendation for the “storm dashboard” I am developing. He asked “why not also show analog storms along the forecast track for reference”? I though that was a great idea. I started digging into the data, trying to find the most impact-full way to […]

Hurricane October Sandy