Remnants of Dorian Mostly Gone – New Invest in East Pacific

The remnants of Dorian continue to fade in the Atlantic. Very strong upper-level winds have split the wave in half, separating the former mid-level center from the area of lower surface pressures. The result: a weakening tropical wave with little chance for redevelopment. The NHC forecast calls for a 20% chance of tropical cyclone formation, but those chances look to continue to decline over the next day or so.

Elsewhere, a new invest has developed in the East Pacific. This system should continue to develop and be the next tropical storm in that basin as it moves westward over the next few days.

Invest 99E in the East Pacific

Invest 99E developing in the east Pacific as of 8:00AM EDT 7/30/2013

The Atlantic looks quiet – and should stay that way through the week.

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