NHC Advisory 28, Expected Surge Exceedence for Sandy 1 day before Landfall

October 28th, 2012 forecast showing a 50% chance of a storm surge over a given height for Monmouth, NJ about a day before Sandy made landfall.

It is the mission of Hurricane Analytics to unlock the secrets of Atlantic hurricanes by visualizing known data in new, unique and insightful ways. The ultimate goal: to arm clients and people with powerful and actionable data not available anywhere else.

Mike Watkins is the founder of Hurricane Analytics and has been in the field of tropical meteorology for over 15 years and is a member of the American Meteorological Society. He was also selected as a speaker for the 2013 National Tropical Weather Conference – where he discussed using known information to anticipate predictable, future events, such as the predictable storm surge from Hurricane Sandy (graphic on the right).

This map shows the forecast storm surge heights along the NJ coast a day before Sandy made landfall. The surge was well forecast – however it was not well communicated. Sandy ultimately inflicted billions of dollars in preventable losses. Hurricane Analytics believes that this simple map could have made a huge difference in surge preparedness and awareness if it were publicly available (and if people were aware of its existence).

Mike has a unique blend of experience. He has hosted a tropical weather talk show (Talkin Tropics), maintained a hurricane forecasting website, and has been working in the field of hurricane research for 9 seasons alongside Mark Sudduth of Hurricanetrack.com – intercepting hurricanes wherever they have impacted the United States. Notable real-world, land-falling hurricane experiences include:

Andrew (FL) – 1992
Irene (FL) – 1999
Frances (FL) – 2004
Jeanne (FL) – 2004
Katrina (FL, MS and LA) – 2005
Wilma (FL) 2005
Ike (TX) 2008
Irene (NC) 2011
Issac (MS/LA) 2012

He also has over 20 years of direct marketing experience with one of the largest internet retailers in the world.