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Why Ending CSU Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts is a Setback for Tropical Meteorology

Back in late 1994, not too long after tropical storm Gordon dropped a ton of rain on us here in south Florida, I got a fax from my friend, Felix DeOsa, who worked at the National Hurricane Center. The title of the article – “Outlook for 1995 Season – Bad” That was my first exposure […]

Quiet Hurricane Season Presenting New Challenges

After the 2004 hurricane season, Mark Sudduth from started working on a new project and needed some help. The concept: measure storm surge and wind data from landfalling hurricanes – safely and remotely – using remote equipment, taking high resolution data readings and feeding visual data back to the internet in real-time. There are […]

Is Visualizing the Hurricane Problem Solvable?

“Superstorm” Sandy took the northeast by surprise last fall. However, it shouldn’t have. The unusual path, size and intensity of Sandy were well anticipated by computer forecast models and storm specialists at the National Hurricane Center. Note the graphic here showing the Official Forecast envelope (all forecasts issued) for Sandy – they were very tightly […]

NHC Advisory 28, Expected Surge Exceedence for Sandy 1 day before Landfall