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Why Ending CSU Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts is a Setback for Tropical Meteorology

Back in late 1994, not too long after tropical storm Gordon dropped a ton of rain on us here in south Florida, I got a fax from my friend, Felix DeOsa, who worked at the National Hurricane Center. The title of the article – “Outlook for 1995 Season – Bad” That was my first exposure […]

Water Vapor Image of the Tropical Atlantic

Tropical Atlantic Remains Quiet – For Now

Atlantic update: Strong upper-level winds have dissipated the low-potential disturbance we were watching yesterday, and are keeping things quiet across the tropics. However, long-range models are suggesting the tropics may become more active toward the end of next week. Generally speaking, the “real” Atlantic hurricane season runs from August 15th to October 30th. This is […]

Remnants of Dorian Mostly Gone – New Invest in East Pacific

The remnants of Dorian continue to fade in the Atlantic. Very strong upper-level winds have split the wave in half, separating the former mid-level center from the area of lower surface pressures. The result: a weakening tropical wave with little chance for redevelopment. The NHC forecast calls for a 20% chance of tropical cyclone formation, […]

Invest 99E in the East Pacific