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Is Visualizing the Hurricane Problem Solvable?

“Superstorm” Sandy took the northeast by surprise last fall. However, it shouldn’t have. The unusual path, size and intensity of Sandy were well anticipated by computer forecast models and storm specialists at the National Hurricane Center. Note the graphic here showing the Official Forecast envelope (all forecasts issued) for Sandy – they were very tightly […]

NHC Advisory 28, Expected Surge Exceedence for Sandy 1 day before Landfall


3 Things to Watch in the Atlantic MDR This Hurricane Season

The Atlantic Main Development Region (often referred to as the MDR) is often cited in hurricane seasonal outlooks as a critical area to watch. This area, bounded in a box from 10-20N and 20-85W, is called the Main Development Region because, generally speaking, that’s where most westward moving tropical waves develop into tropical cyclones during […]

Can “K-Means” Analysis Help Anticipate Future Hurricane Season Activity? 1

The Atlantic hurricane basin has the highest year to year variability, in terms of tropical cyclone frequency and strength, of any basin in the world. Dry air from Africa, a large amount of land (relative to other basins), indirect impacts from the Pacific ocean and many other factors make seasonal activity predictions difficult. Much work […]

3 Troubling Lake Okeechobee Levee Facts 1

Tonight, the Army Corps of Engineers held a public meeting in Clewiston, FL to discuss current “upgrades” to the 143 mile Herbert Hoover Dike, which protects much of south Florida should Lake Okeechobee flood or be pushed out of its banks during a hurricane. The dike system cannot be counted on to protect against flooding […]

Making Storm Cases Easier to Deploy a Big Priority in 2013

Way back in 2005, I helped Mark Sudduth at HurricaneTrack deploy the first ever fully-functioning internet streaming storm case in advance of hurricane Katrina in Deerfield Beach, FL. Since then, the remote streaming cameras and meteorological equipment contained within these cases have become invaluable tools in our drive to generate data to document, measure and […]