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US, Caribbean Safe When Hurricanes Develop East of 40W

If a hurricane in the Atlantic is going to threaten the United States or the Caribbean Sea, it can’t reach hurricane strength east of 40 degrees longitude. Note the map of all storms that are known to have become hurricanes in the far eastern Atlantic (developing inside the yellow square). I looked at all storms […]

Why is September so Lucky for Florida?

September is the climatological peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, no month has more major hurricanes. Yet, Florida has been “September hurricane-free” in the most recent era of increased hurricane activity, after excluding the hyper-active 2004 and 2005 seasons. The graphic shows this in detail. Almost every other part of the US coast has experienced […]

October Hurricanes – Then vs. Now 4

Historically, Florida has been struck by as many hurricanes from the west as it has from the east. The reason? Storms form over the warm waters of the Caribbean sea and get picked up by troughs, typically in October. Yet, in the last 20 years, Florida (and the rest of the US) has been almost […]

Modern Major Hurricane Climatology 2

I was interested to determine if there was a clear pattern of tracks for major hurricanes in the Atlantic…so I loaded up all of the best track NHC data going back to the start of the 1988 season. The interactive chart below shows the position of all storms when they were major hurricanes (category three […]