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Remnants of Dorian Struggling to Redevelop

Monday 7/29/2013 – 9:30AM The remnants of Dorian have not become any better organized overnight. Here are the latest track model runs for remnants of Dorian (now with current satellite imagery)! Development chances down to 40%. Thunderstorms are a little more concentrated this morning, but most of the models lose the system in 2 days […]

Remnants of Dorian Model Tracks

Tropical Depression Four in the Eastern Pacific

Tropical Depression 4-E Forms in the East Pacific

Tropical Depression 4-E has formed in the eastern Pacific. Maximum sustained winds are 35MPH, but some strengthening is expected and it could be a tropical storm by Sunday. Here is an initial look at the track guidance. Interesting loop from the GFDL ensemble mean, the GFS and GFS ensembles are in pretty good agreement – […]

3 Reasons Why Hurricane Analytics is Projecting the 2013 NCAA Tournament

Here are the reasons Hurricane Analytics is projecting the field for the 2013 NCAA Basketball tournament: 1. It’s a highly predictable event. Hurricane Analytics believes that many events can be anticipated if the right data questions are asked to build a good, predictive model. The college basketball selection process is well known, but not an […]