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Is Visualizing the Hurricane Problem Solvable?

“Superstorm” Sandy took the northeast by surprise last fall. However, it shouldn’t have. The unusual path, size and intensity of Sandy were well anticipated by computer forecast models and storm specialists at the National Hurricane Center. Note the graphic here showing the Official Forecast envelope (all forecasts issued) for Sandy – they were very tightly […]

NHC Advisory 28, Expected Surge Exceedence for Sandy 1 day before Landfall

3 Reasons Why Hurricane Analytics is Projecting the 2013 NCAA Tournament

Here are the reasons Hurricane Analytics is projecting the field for the 2013 NCAA Basketball tournament: 1. It’s a highly predictable event. Hurricane Analytics believes that many events can be anticipated if the right data questions are asked to build a good, predictive model. The college basketball selection process is well known, but not an […]

The Hoops Model Top Seeds Are…

The results from the Mike Watkins College Basketball Predict-o-later 5000 model (the MWCBP-5000) are in. Before I get to that, the MWPCB-5000 is designed to predict the field for the upcoming March Madness College Basketball tournament. Using data through games completed on Sunday night, the MWCBP-5000 predicts these four teams to have the best chance […]